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Cave of the Seven Dragons - Jimi J. JemelCave of the Seven Dragons
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When a young Dragonmaster named Givan sees his village go up in flames after an attack by some deranged dragons, he knows something has gone amiss. Givan's mentor confirms his suspicions revealing that a dark sorcerer has stolen the Dragonstone, a powerful gem belonging to the dragons. Unless the Dragonstone is returned to its rightful place in the Cave of the Seven Dragons, the entire race of dragons will die and the dark sorcerer will succeed in ruling the land. Givan is chosen for the task of retrieving the stone.

Joining Givan are an unlikely group of travelers comprised of a fellow Dragonmaster, a Dragonslaying knight, and a clumsy, short-tempered witch who seems more apt to get everyone killed than help them. The question is, can they all stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to recover the Dragonstone, or will their own quarreling lead to the demise of the race of dragons?

"Just because you cannot see someone, it means not that none are there." ~ Airoline