Cave of the Seven Dragons

When a young Dragonmaster named Givan sees his village go up in flames after an attack by some deranged dragons, he knows something has gone amiss. Givan's mentor confirms his suspicions revealing that a dark sorcerer has stolen the Dragonstone, a powerful gem belonging to the dragons. Unless the Dragonstone is returned to its rightful place in the Cave of the Seven Dragons, the entire race of dragons will die and the dark sorcerer will succeed in ruling the land. Givan is chosen for the task of retrieving the stone.

Joining Givan are an unlikely group of travelers comprised of a fellow Dragonmaster, a Dragonslaying knight, and a clumsy, short-tempered witch who seems more apt to get everyone killed than help them. The question is, can they all stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to recover the Dragonstone, or will their own quarreling lead to the demise of the race of dragons?Get it on Amazon Kindle: $2.99

Jimi J. Jemel - Silverwood

For three hundred years the five moons have floated safely above the land, protecting everyone from the dangers of the Shadows. But now something has gone amiss. The moons have slowly begun being extinguished one by one as an ancient demon awakens from its slumber.

With each hour of darkness the Shadows grow stronger and their reach grows further as they consume more innocent lives each night. Even the three Guardians of the Light do not understand how the darkness is growing, but they know it will mean the end of their world if the darkness cannot be stopped. Only a lone sorceress named Lismella seems to know why the moons are disappearing and she's not about to reveal her suspicions.- Get it on Amazon Kindle: $2.99

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The Golden Chalice: Part 1 of The Three Tokens - Jimi J Jemel
The Golden Chalice: 
Part 1 of The Three Tokens 

When Yolocton's father is mysteriously murdered on Midsummer's Eve, Yolocton is forced to confront a chilling past that he didn't even know he had. His only clue about his own shadowy origins is the legend concerning a set of ancient objects known as the Three Tokens. Yolocton sets out to find these tokens in hopes of learning who murdered his father and why. Aided by a sassy blacksmith and a mysterious man who knows far more about Yolocton than he's willing to admit, Yolocton will have to brave sword and sorcery as he searches for answers. The more Yolocton learns, however, the more he wonders if the secrets of his dark past would be best left undisturbed. All the while, a sinister figure stalks Yolocton, watching his every move, for as Yolocton will soon come to realize, he is not the only one searching for the Three Tokens. There are those who would kill to obtain them.

Jimi J. Jemel Beyond Centauri
Issue #25: July 2009

Fantasy poem titled: Arcanum