About Jimi

Jimi J Jemel
Jimi J. Jemel is an author, artist, musician and filmmaker with a bone-dry sense of humor, who was born somewhere in the middle of nowhere, sometime in the not too distant past. All of Jimi's life to date has been spent in very rural areas, providing inspiration and imagery for most of the author's writings. Jimi has been writing for pleasure since being old enough to hold a pencil, and composed works have run the gamut from songs and poems to short stories and novels. Jimi's first published piece was an editorial to a local newspaper at the age of 12.

A huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy, many of Jimi's works fall into those genres, but Jimi is not adverse to occasionally testing the waters of other genres as well. Currently, the peculiar author lives and works in an undisclosed location, and does not plan on disclosing it anytime soon. Follow Jimi on Facebook for a daily dose of geeky humor and other curiosities.

Miscellaneous Trivia About Jimi:

Was a homeschooled child (probably due to a natural fear of lunchrooms, lunch ladies, and cafeteria food).

Favorite movie is Lord of the Rings

Finished high school at age 15, but never took a GED test so is technically a drop out.

Tried to attend a local community collage after high school, but was told that 15 was too young to enter (by which the college really meant there were too many homeschoolers in the area graduating early and the college didn't feel like dealing with them).

Despite being a writer, has completely illegible handwriting.

After being denied admittance to the community college at age 15, began taking online college classes (probably due to a natural fear of lunchrooms, lunch ladies, and cafeteria food). Jimi maintains that online college classes were a good fit due to the intense amount of writing involved (even the statistics class involved a lot of writing).

Is hypergraphic (has a compulsive urge to write down almost every thought, especially after midnight).

Favorite books are The Three Musketeers, Huckleberry Finn, and Lord of the Rings.

Has seen the film Hocus Pocus over 115 times.

Is a fan of fantasy artist David Delamare

Favorite authors include Alexandre Dumas, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Berlitz, Diana Wynne Jones, Mark Twain, Diane Duane, J.K. Rowling, and Michael Crichton.

Has both auditory synesthesia (seeing colors in sounds) and spatial-sequence synethesia (seeing months of the year and days of the week as a three-dimensional map).

Often names book chapters after rock and roll songs.

Is owned by six cows, five cats, one horse, and an overweight dog.

Nickname "Jimi" was given by brother due to an obsession with Jimi Hendrix.

Finds talking about oneself in the third person (like now) extremely creeepy.