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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review
I wanted to hold off on doing a review of Star Wars The Force Awakens until I'd let it set for a little while. I wanted to wait until the fresh glow of excitement of seeing it had died down a bit so I'd be writing from my head not from my emotions (some of which were simply pure elation at not walking out of the theater as disappointed as I'd felt after The Phantom Menace). So now that I've had a chance to let it settle, I'm glad to say, I still feel the same way I felt when I first walked out of the theater. And to anyone who hasn't yet seen the movie, let me just give a heads up that this review contains spoilers. This review contains spoilers. This review contains spoilers.

Ok, if you're still reading, I'm going tp assume you've already seen the movie, don't mind spoilers, or didn't read the last lines in the first paragraph very well. In short, I really loved The Force Awakens. Granted I doubt anything will ever be as good as the originals, but Force Awakens was very good, certainly not the disappointment that the prequels were. For one thing, the computerization was so much better because they didn't overuse it like they did in the prequels. And there was no irritating Jar Jar Binx equivalent, which was great. I'll admit a lot of it was very predictable and repetitive of earlier movies, but that really didn't bother me, it was still a great movie.

I absolutely love the Finn and Rey characters. I love Finn as the Stormtrooper who ends up with a conscience trying to find his new place in the world (in fact my only problem with Finn is that his outfit is too normal looking to be used as a recognizable cosplay, damn!) And I love Rey as the scavenger eking out her living in the fallen ships of the legendary war (I'm a Firefly and Defiace fan too, so I'm pretty much always a sucker for scavenger characters). Oh, and if anyone has a desire to grow the "space flowers" she had on her table inside the AT-AT, they're actually quite available on earth and called celosia. I've had them in my garden for years.

It's also nice to finally see in Rey a female character that can believably handle herself without being a bitch. Too often when Hollywood tries to make female characters that aren't damsels in distress, they end up coming off as bitches (even Leia was still a bitch in the original Star Wars movies - just ask Han "no reward is worth this").

The bad guy is well, not Darth Vader, he's more like a confused teenager, who gives you the impression that he wears the mask to try and make up for his own shortcomings as a villain, as he feels the light pulling him back toward his true self. And it's looking like Rey might do exactly that at some point, pull him back to the light, since it seems fairly obvious that they're related one way or another. In all, makes for an interesting character.

The film's nostalgia was cute and very well done. It wasn't just stuff subliminally stuck into the movie to give people that feeling of the originals; it was put in to very obviously be noticed and pay homage to the originals. Everything from Rey's attire on a desert planet, to the trash compacter reference, to the planet-sized Death Star upgrade.

As far Han dying, we all knew that was going to happen at some point in these movies, and they picked a fitting way for it to happen. It was a little sooner than I'd expected, considering Han is arguably the best character in the whole franchise, but still, a much better end than the one that awaited Captain Kirk in the Star Trek films.

All in all a great movie, good characters, good action, and a load of excellent one-liners including my favorite "That's not how the Force works!"

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