Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cave of the Seven Dragons is Live

Cave the Seven Dragons - Jimi J. Jemel
I know it's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I've been scurrying trying to finish my next novel before summer, and I finally made it. My latest fantasy novel Cave of the Seven Dragons is live. This novel is aimed at readers on the younger end of the young adult spectrum.

Cave of the Seven Dragons is, as the title would suggest, a story revolving around dragons. When a young Dragonmaster named Givan sees his village go up in flames after an attack by some deranged dragons, he knows something has gone amiss. Givan's mentor confirms his suspicions revealing that a dark sorcerer has stolen the Dragonstone, a powerful gem belonging to the dragons. Unless the Dragonstone is returned to its rightful place in the Cave of the Seven Dragons, the entire race of dragons will die and the dark sorcerer will succeed in ruling the land. Givan is chosen for the task of retrieving the stone.

Joining Givan are an unlikely group of travelers comprised of a fellow Dragonmaster, a Dragonslaying knight, and a clumsy, short-tempered witch who seems more apt to get everyone killed than help them. The question is, can they all stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to recover the Dragonstone, or will their own quarreling lead to the demise of the race of dragons?

This was a story I actually wrote quite a while ago when I was fifteen. It was based on a game my siblings and I had played and I'd written down our little adventure. I'd recently stumbled across it and decided to do a little updating and publish it. First and foremost was editing the dialog, as all my character were talking like Yoda!

At the initial time of writing this story, I was very immersed in Celtic mythology and it's definitely woven very heavily throughout the story. The genies that appear throughout the story were inspired in part by my attraction to Arabian fairy tales and by the twin sister theme of I Dream of Jeanie (I'd seen my first episode shortly before writing this story on some obscure channel we were beaming in at the time, showing I Dream of Jeanie reruns - The show was from way before my generation, but I liked it enough to be inspired by the Jeanie twins).

For the cover, since I'm not capable of drawing the cover I have in my head, I chose to go with something simple. Just an ancient-looking piece of parchment (by Kevdesign), and some stone dragons (by OldGreySeaWolf) that I digitally manipulated until they were solid black silhouettes. Beneath them I added the old Latin "Draconem."

Check it out on Amazon Kindle here: Cave of the Seven Dragons and let me know what you think.

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